Athletic Foot Care for Better Sport Performance

Foot and ankle injuries are common in sports such as soccer, tennis, and running. They can interfere with the physical performance or entire career of an athlete. Although most of the injuries occur unexpectedly, there are some precautions that athletes can take to reduce the risk of injury. The precautions are as follows.

1. Warm Up Before Engaging in Sports Activities

You should always take the time to warm up your muscles before engaging in any sports activity. Warming up can help prepare your brain and muscles for sports activity. It is also very important to properly stretch before starting any type of sports activity, this will ensure that your feet and legs are ready. Just as stretching and warming up before a game, there are things you should do after. Proper hygiene and vitamins are key for healthy feet and help prevent athlete’s foot.

2. Choose Comfortable Athletic Shoes

Wearing athletic shoes suited for your foot type can help reduce the chances of getting a sports foot injury. The shoes you are choosing should suit the sport you want to undertake. Visiting a foot specialist can give you a big insight into the proper shoes and help you determine if you need inserts or “ customized orthotics.

We offer these services for professionals to beginners.

3. Train on Even Terrains

You should consider the slope of the terrain you are training on. Training on hills or rocky grounds may increase your chances of getting injured. Choose a training ground that is free of roots, tree stumps, and holes. If you have difficulties with your lower legs, consider training on a dirt road rather than concrete or asphalt grounds. Racers should train on surfaces they can run on.

4. Pay Attention to Your Body

Common symptoms of foot injury include pain in the arches or inability to walk normally. It’s good always to pay attention to the needs of your body when engaging in a sports activity. You can modify or stop the action when you start experiencing foot and ankle pain. If pain increases it is best to see a specialist to rule out any other following injuries and get you on a path to recovery:

You can prevent recurrent injuries by allowing your body to go through a period of rehabilitation before participating in the sport.

5. Try Cross Training

Cross-training entails engaging in different types of physical exercises. It aims at conditioning your muscles for a particular sport. For instance, soccer players do different variations of running and jogging as part of cross-training. Such activities can help build and prepare your muscles for certain sporting activities.


Your productivity as an athlete or sports enthusiast depends on how you train your body. The training sessions should help reduce your risk of developing foot injuries. If you had a previous injury, take time to heal to prevent recurrent and future injuries.

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